Gulliver’s Slate 2014/2015:

The Greatest Karaoke Krawl Of All Time - Television Series

'Let's get wasted and do some karaoke' is a global call to arms. This combination of activities is known to right most wrongs, mend broken hearts, make you happy, boost morale and if you're lucky leave you clueless the next day. Karaoke is exactly what you need to get through any and all truly shitty days on planet earth... more

Flower Power (How Yunnan Conquered the World)

Yunnan in China is to botany what the Great Barrier Reef is marine ecosystems – a biological hotspot that gave rise to most of the flowers grown in western temperate gardens, such as the typical "English Cottage Garden."... more

Meet The Bellwethers

It’s life on the edge in Antarctica. This summer in one of the fastest warming areas on the planet join a family of Adélie Penguins in a quest to make a chick against the odds. They are top-level predators living on the northern fringe of Antarctica on the Antarctic Peninsula... more

Hell No! We Won't Go

The Vietnam War provoked one of the most contentious periods in Australian history. Across the Western world, the cultural revolution that epitomized the 60s came to a climax during the Vietnam War. While the American experience is committed to memory and revered, the Australian story has slipped through the nation’s cultural memory... more

You Little Bottler! The First 12 Families of Wine

Australians have a unique way of describing when something good happens to them. They say “ little bottler!” And in much the same sense of optimism, many chose to look at life as a “glass half-full “rather than half-empty... more

Turtle City 3D 60 Minute. TV

From the white sands of the coral cay the head of a tiny Turtle emerges from its nest. Pushing itself out of the sand, it heads quickly down to the sea, swimming across the shallows to the safety of the reef. Here brightly coloured Parrotfish and Angelfish appear from the crevices where they passed the night safe from predators... more

Independent Television Filmmakers

Welcome to Gulliver Media Australia’s website. Gulliver has produced award winning documentaries since 1981 and continues to seek out stories to share with television audiences around the world. We’ve managed this over the years with some of Australia’s best practitioners in all areas of filmmaking.

Gulliver Media produces natural history, history, social history, science and educational programming and as you can see we have an exciting slate for 2013/2014.


ABBA - Bang A Boomerang

Released: 2013

The Worm Hunters

Released: 2011 | Documentary film streaming video preview

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